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making thoughtful connections with handwriting and paper.

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hand-written and tangible, a paper note is becoming a rarity.


A thoughtful note on paper is a physical token of our most meaningful connections.

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The practice of writing helps us slow down and appreciate the small things.

It helps us mindfully engage with the people around us. Shop our cards and pick one to send to someone who has been on your mind.

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the story behind thoughtful paper

I’ve always had a crush on stationary. During a particularly challenging time, I received a handwritten note from a lady I had recently met in my neighborhood. Her short letter had a tremendous impact on me, helping me feel loved, remembered and important enough to send a written note to. I started Thoughtful Paper as a way of encouraging people to intentionally connect with others through handwritten notes, hoping a handwritten letter could have the same impact on others as it did on me. My hope is that we slow down, learn to be more aware of the good around us, and share it with others—one letter at a time.

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